Tour Packages

We offer a range of tour experiences to suit a variety of expectations. Apart from the classic tours, we are reputed for our adventure tours. These specialty tours have been developed with over 20 years of experience and feedback from travellers, and provide a truly authentic Sri Lankan adventure experience.

Cycling Tours

Cycling Tours- The best Cycle Tours in Sri Lanka! Our cycling tours are specially designed for those who wish to experience a challenging ride through rural villages, hilly and mountainous terrain and closely experience the natural beauty of Sri Lanka. 

Exclusive Trekking Tours

Exclusive Trekking Tours- Want an unique trekking tour just for you? We were the first to introduce trekking tours to island of Sri Lanka. These tours are custom designed for trekkers to experience off the beaten track routes, through rural

Multi-activity Tours

These tour programs cater to the adventure traveller and can consist of a mix of activities including trekking, cycling, rafting, whale and dolphin watching, swimming in the cool waters of the rivers of Sri Lanka, wind and kite surfing etc.

Classic Tours

Classic Tours- Want to experience true island culture? This tour itinerary ensures you experience all facets of our island nation.  The tour includes a visit to the cultural triangle, which takes you back in history as you experience the ancient